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Life isn’t meant to be that hard. It’s supposed to be simple. The purpose of life doesn’t lie in one big thing, but it’s hidden in a million small things. It isn’t about hating people you don’t like. It’s about loving and cherishing the ones you’re actually fond of. People often think too much about themselves and others, which is depressing. It complicates. Being ambitious is good, but then you don’t just keep running after something which you know isn’t meant for you. That isn’t ambition, that’s an obsession and its complicated. When things are against you, just wait patiently for the tables to turn in your favour. Cribbing or nagging wont help. It complicates. And hurts too. Life is supposed to be accepted the way it is. Day by day, minute by minute, accept things as and when they come to you. Don’t nag about the past or worry about the future. That complicates too. Don’t try hard to be something you aren’t. Don’t try to change yourself just to fit in with the others. That’ll complicate again. Don’t take things too seriously. It’s good to set yourself free, at times. If you think you need to say something, say it there and then, because if you don’t, the moment just passes by. Try to consider the little things in life too, because there will come a day when you’ll look back to realise that they were big things. Never give up on people just because you think it wasn’t meant to be. That’ll complicate again. Follow your heart, not blindly, but cautiously and you’ll know where you belong. You should know what and who actually matters. Because if you don’t set your priorities right, it’ll complicate again. These are just a few of the many things which complicate our lives. Remember, life isn’t a mess. It’s a jigsaw. You have to be careful and patient in your dealings. You have to move in such a way so that all the pieces fit in perfectly and everything falls in place.