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He looked me with those glittering brown eyes which shouted for intimacy.He,my brown eyed swan..the look in his eyes showed all that he desired,all that he craved..the love,which was distant,but the emotions which was still there craving to be felt..if he could just get a moment he would have shown,the beautiful dream he has woven with her..the love,the passion he still hold for her..if he could just get a brown eyed swan..

His brown teary eyes ouched with pain when he saw some other man holding her in his arms..and made her laugh,just like he did..her smile..which used to take his breath away..the smile which once made him human..she looks at him,her heart hurts..he was still that brown eyed swan..

If they both could know what still goes in their hearts..they could have been together,happily ever afters..
but here he sits,with a scotch in his hand..waiting his life to brown eyed swan..