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Life isn’t meant to be that hard. It’s supposed to be simple. The purpose of life doesn’t lie in one big thing, but it’s hidden in a million small things. It isn’t about hating people you don’t like. It’s about loving and cherishing the ones you’re actually fond of. People often think too much about themselves and others, which is depressing. It complicates. Being ambitious is good, but then you don’t just keep running after something which you know isn’t meant for you. That isn’t ambition, that’s an obsession and its complicated. When things are against you, just wait patiently for the tables to turn in your favour. Cribbing or nagging wont help. It complicates. And hurts too. Life is supposed to be accepted the way it is. Day by day, minute by minute, accept things as and when they come to you. Don’t nag about the past or worry about the future. That complicates too. Don’t try hard to be something you aren’t. Don’t try to change yourself just to fit in with the others. That’ll complicate again. Don’t take things too seriously. It’s good to set yourself free, at times. If you think you need to say something, say it there and then, because if you don’t, the moment just passes by. Try to consider the little things in life too, because there will come a day when you’ll look back to realise that they were big things. Never give up on people just because you think it wasn’t meant to be. That’ll complicate again. Follow your heart, not blindly, but cautiously and you’ll know where you belong. You should know what and who actually matters. Because if you don’t set your priorities right, it’ll complicate again. These are just a few of the many things which complicate our lives. Remember, life isn’t a mess. It’s a jigsaw. You have to be careful and patient in your dealings. You have to move in such a way so that all the pieces fit in perfectly and everything falls in place.


A walk down the memory lane..:).

Life is a beautiful journey,a journey marked by the presence of different people,different situations;which makes our life incredibly fun and awesomly beautiful.and when we live whole of it,making beautiful memories;memories worth cherishing.memories;which makes us jump with joy;memories which gets us tear in our eyes;memories to rejoice;memories which brings sadness ‘cuz they aren’t part of us anymore.

memories of our childhood(which we actually don’t remember:D),memories of our teens,memories of our youth.memories which are worth everything. Memories of our firsts are worth cherishing makes you remember how stupid you were,how you reacted on that very first occasion and makes you smile.there are some which makes you sad,which brings flashbacks and make your heart ache…

I am going to be twenty this July and here is a gift for me,from me;a beautiful walk down the memory lane.all my firsts which I had till turning twenty and no more being a teen(which is sad:[). So here it goes-

1.the first word I uttered-I dont really have a memory of this but my mom says that the first word I uttered was “mumma”;and yes,she is the most precious person to me and she is one of the most adorable sweethearts. I love you mumma..

2. My first best friend- I am a very friendly girl(my dad calls me over friendly though,protective guy!) and I ve lots of best friends but the first best friend I had was when I was in prep. He was a cute little chubby guy.he was the only person I used to share my favourite pencils with.we used to bully all the kids around and he used to share his chocolates with me. We are no more in contact but I know he would still remember me.:) first achievement-my first achievement was getting first prize in a joke competition when I was in prep(I guess that teacher gave me prize so that I dont bully her child..;). I was so happy that my mum made a chocolate cake to mark my victory. first bicycle-my first bicycle was an old rotten bicycle originally owned by my cousin brother.i loved it too much and never let anybody else even touch it,let alone ride. But I had a nice fall from it which cut my lips and got me stitches and then I threw it in garbage. It gave me peace..(haha..evil me!!) first doll-I was never a girl who used to play with dolls but all my relatives used to get me those beautiful barbie dolls and I used to behead them,tear their cloths and throw them off and then go off to play football.(I feel sorry for those beautiful dolls I had). first crush-crushes are beautiful but crushes are meant to be crushed. I had my first crush when I was in 6th standard and well he was ‘the hot guy’. All the girls drooled over him.he was a senior and I loveddd him.i even cried the day I came to know he has a girlfriend(she looked weird!! And I pitied him for this..) first proposal-proposals are good. They increases your self esteem and makes you feel wanted. My first proposal was when I was in 6th standard. A really close friend of mine came to me and told me he has a huge crush on me and asked me out.but he was a pervert and I was a touch-me-not. (he still is,a pervert!)

8.My first chums-this is the thing which makes you ‘a complete women’. Nature gave women the power to become a mum,to give birth and every women is proud of it;but not when they first start bleeding. It was was painful and dirty!

9.My first boyfriend-having a boyfriend when you are at your teens,has become a must have trend.everybody has,and the ones who dont,aren’t girl enough(its not my opinion though). Just not to be left out,I accepted a guy’s proposal.(he was a pervert too!). It is one of the biggest mistake of my life. I got overly attached to him and he left me for my best friend(yea,u read it correct!).it followed a month of crying and then I got over him.

10.My first kiss-first kiss are beautiful in their own way. You are not prepared,u dont know how to do it and often you regret it the next day. My first kiss wasnt with my first guy.(‘cuz he was,a pervert). My first kiss was special and with the guy who deserved it.(he was cute) and it was one of the nicest feeling(you bet it wasnt ;)}

11. My first failure-failure teaches you that you cant always be in the skies,you have to fall;to reach higher. I was always a topper in my school and it made me too proudy and over confident. But then when I was in 11th standard,I joined coachings for entrance exams and I failed there,miserably. So,this was my first failure.

12. My first drink-you never buy your first drink with your own money. The first alcoholic drink I had was beer(which tasted awful) with my best friend. It is one of the sweetest memory I have.there are several more first to come. My graduation,my first job,my first salary etc. Am eager for all these firsts..’cuz all of them teaches one thing- laugh at them and do better next time!! ‘cuz firsts are only once!





the happily ever afters..

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Life isn’t a fairy tale that starts with ‘Once upon a time’ and ends with a ‘Happily Ever After’. Because in life, you aren’t always sure that who’s the hero and who’s the villain. You don’t know what the story is about. You don’t know who is meant to be with whom. You don’t know who plays the wicked witch and what is the persons plan. Unlike fairy tales, life isn’t predictable. You don’t know what is in store for you. Some fairy tales are bad or evil, but reality is much worse. It hits you in the face when you least expect it to. Because in reality, as soon as you near a Happy Ending, there’s a storm and everything’s gone. You have to start afresh. Here friends aren’t friends forever and family isn’t your designated guardian. Here love stories don’t last forever. Here the word love isn’t the base of all stories, self-interest is. Here people don’t be with you because they love you, people are with you because they need you. In reality, you can’t always expect the lost shoe to fit you perfectly. Unlike fairy tales, destiny isn’t always in your favour in reality. Fate has its own ways of testing your faith, hope and patience. But, this is what makes life better than fairy tales. Reality is much stormier. Reality isn’t cliched. Reality is unpredictable, weird, crazy. These stories we tell are a all scripted stuff of dreams. Reality. It’s much more exciting than living happily ever after.